My Fabrics


My fabric collection FRANKFURT illustrated with my patterns is available on three natural base cloths: cotton-linen, light organic 100% cotton canvas and heavy 100% cotton canvas. They are suitable a variety of interior decorative uses, such as upholstery, cushions, curtains, covers, blinds, tablecloth, tea towels, tote bags, and can be coordinated in many possible combinations and materials.

This collection is printed digitally on demand in Spain to support and encourage local trade.

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Screen printing is an amazing artisan technique I love to explore, through which my design come to a second life printed on natural base cloths, like 100% linen, my favorite. These hand printed fabrics shape my FABRIC HOOPS colecction, available in my online shop.

Soon, cushion covers and other decoration items. Stay tuned!

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If you wish, we can set up an appointment in order that you can have a real ‘look and feel’ of my fabric swatches. Feel free to email me to

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