About me

Elena Taboada attended Heimtextil (Frankfurt) as a pattern designer exhibitor several times. She holds degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design, though her career in lifestyle magazines and museums determined pretty much her work. Fashion and arts walk together in her designs, where Nature is the main source of inspiration.

Her style is naive, spontaneous and romantic. A powder color palette embrace nature figures and textures. Many happy universes inspire her collections: flowers, vegetables, trees, birds, insects, sea life…

She loves to explore botanical world, which she captures in her  her fabrics, making magical compositions to be repeated to infinity and beyond.

Elena works using multiple techniques in order to achieve different finishes: watercolor, gouache and digital vector, and she deeply loves printmaking and right now she is working in a beautiful upcoming project about screen printing on silk and linen. Stay tuned!

In 2017 she was was diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer and her work turned into a new perspective. Through it Elena aims to raise awareness of Sarcoma Cancer since much is still not known of this rare disease.

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